How to get Thick Hide in New World

Thick Hide is one of the countless resources used for crafting in New World. Unlike some other resources like poultry, Thick Hide can be found in plenty of different ways.

Of course, Thick Hide is a product of animals in New World, and players will need a high enough level in tracking and skinning to even find this resource. The required level for Thick Hide is anywhere between level 40 and level 175.

Not everything in New World will drop this resource, but there is a list of animals which players can use in their search.

Which animals have Thick Hide in New World and how to use it

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Thick Hide can sometimes be found when looting enemies of a certain level, along with having an adequate level of tracking and skinning skills. But the most guaranteed way of farming any hide is to go hunting for the right animals. In New World, the list is fairly long.

Animals that drop Thick Hide in New World:

  • Boar
  • Bison
  • Bobcat
  • Lynx
  • Primal Lion
  • Strange Boar
  • Strange Bison
  • Alligator
  • Mountain Lion
  • Strange Elk
  • Timber Wolf
  • Strange Alligator
  • Elk Bull
  • Elk Cow
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Black Bear
  • Damned Hound
  • Timber Wolf

It’s important to note that the required enemy level and skill level for Thick Hide to drop is 40. Finding this resource is certainly not an early game endeavor, but it won’t be too difficult once players are at the right level.

On top of getting some great resources to use for layered leather, collecting Thick Hide will also be a nice XP boost to players in New World. So get those tools ready and go hunting in the wilds of Aeternum.

Who will need Thick Hide

Leatherworkers in New World are the ones that will eventually need Thick Hide, which is a tier IV version of Raw Hide in general. In order to keep increasing the tier levels, players will need to look for tougher animals and increase their skill in leatherworking.

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