Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 // Sports & Fitness First Run & Tests

[ Awesome music entrance] Hey tribes, Ray at here, today I’ve got the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or, maybe it’s just Active Watch2, Active, Active……it’s a lot of words so I’m just going to go with Active 2, because that’s what everyone’s really gonna call it. And I’m gonna positioned itthrough its gaits from a athletics/ fitness kind of technology standpoint. And not somuch from like a general utilization position. There are endless videos outthere on YouTube that’ll consider that.I’m gonna talk about sports..that’s what I do! I’m going to talk about things like is the brand-new heart rate sensor better? Is GPSimproved? Are the UI, “re all the” apps better from boasts and fitnessstandpoint? Has anything altered there? It’s only been like six or seven monthssince the last version came out. So I’m gonna talk all about that. Butbefore I do that I want to briefly touch on the digital bezel, chiefly because I’mseeing a great deal of people make love wrong. Now the catch is a lot of parties don’trealize it’s actually not enable by default. So I’m going to show you how to enable that really quick. Simply swipe down first, clink the little Puts icon there. Godown to advanced. And then within advanced you will see’ Touch “Bezel”.In mycase I’ve turned on. Now obviously I could turn it off right there, and that’s really howyou get that touch bezel succeeding. I belief for the most part itworks fairly well actually better than I thought it would, and a heck of a lotbetter once you turn it on than it did without it on. Now let’s go ahead andtalk about that new optical heart rate sensor.This is probably the most difficult, probably this is the biggest exterior or difference between these two watchesfrom a equipment perspective because if you gape from the top down they lookvirtually identical and when you turn them on here you’ll notice they’re stillpretty same in terms of like showing brightness and trash like that obviouslyhave different watch faces on them right now but it’s when you turn them overthat the picture is holy cow different and the client now the sensor looksdramatically different they’ve consolidated the LEDs down into kind ofa single utensil in the middle there versus on this place now you had four LEDsthere and you recollect in the past the accuracy of the active one was not superhot my super hot I entail it was basically dumpster shoot status they improved GPSand the active watch compared to past samsung watches but not so much better theheart rate sensor it was kind of useless now if you let me liken this to theApple watch other streak four or series five because the optical heart ratesensors are between the two of them you’ll noticethat they’re pretty damned similar so you know is why I necessitate maybe that they’redoing this because there’s intellects from ECG standpoint the basi particulardesigns need to be similar but given that other ECG watches like the Withingswatch don’t look anything like that yeah there’s probably a more simplisticexplanation for that still it’ll be used to see what not this proves itself asmore accurate formerly it’s out on the road as in the caseof the Apple watch and generally speaking it is a very accurate off of aheart rate sensor though there are some courses successions 5 but overall though it’sdefinitely a better intend than what Samsung seemed to have in the past nowbefore we get to that though let’s briefly talk about some of the differenthealth widgets so things that are accessible on the watch itself so youcan go ahead and line like activities and stuff like that so access those makesure your display is on simply swipe to the right right there and you can goahead and ensure various kinds of your act overview for the day you can tap thatand you can look at activity you look at workout in my lawsuit even though I’vealready done my run for your lives won’t is an indication here because I’ve exploited endomondo so Iwon’t see that workout time there are still unfortunately you can see if I movehourly goals are listed there that seems like it might be undercutting things alittle bit but it is what it is and it’s sort of the synopsi for the week itselfI can go ahead them back out and swipe to the right and this is where we goahead and start project activities and I can add activities kind of this little QuickStart menu there this is my heartrate my current heart rate in this case it’strying to search for it which is two blinking clearly it’s on the table soit’s probably not succeed there I can calibrate it right there and I can look atthe min and Max qualities of my heart rate – over the course of the week so I thinkthrough now kind of an on sport thing about the condition though today it wasvery much a sport thing I’ve got my docket and amando widget is on thereso I can see my last-place flee right there and immediate short of workout to sleepfunctionality in this case this is actually relatively close to what myactual sleep time was last night I woke up a little bit later that made about1 5-20 minutes but I believe that’s actually when the watch just died youknow when I went to bed is still 22 hours of battery life left when I wokeup some you are well aware 4 hours later it was dead so that’s kind of a bit of a bummerso there’s out there and I can add widgets into this role here again kindof all the same widgets that you have seen in the pasta lot of breakouts for play and fitness ones or more kind of Fitness ones therefor example you can add storeys clambered your workout for the day food healthsummary leaderboard a multi workout there’s caffeine as well in there I meanlots and lots of options okay before we head outside I precisely want to give you aquick cautionary mention on all the Trish ins and all the times you have toapprove something on this propel in order to actually use it from a sportand fitness perspective this morning before my lead I counted no less thanfive times that I had approved boards for this watch to access GPSto access GPS again to access my point yet again to go ahead andaccess my heart rate sensors and to access my data on samsung health whichis kind of nut it’s just room too many beds in most of the time it’s verywavy down the menus says if you wear that and don’t talk before you press thestart button on your workout that you actually do have a GPS you do have heartrate all that kind of stuff with that warning out of the direction let’s go for arun okay so here we are outside it’s all the things you don’t want it to go forrun it’s windy it’s cold it’s raining sweat it’s just not model but I got fourwatches with me now I’ve got the actor to right there on this wrist over here Ihave the Apple watch series five I’ll begin hampering now the 9:45 from Garminand they pluck Vantage V and then I’ve got a chest buckle on right here the HRMdual and the forearmed right there underneath my shirt Ihave the Polaroids one the heart rate strap so that’s our frequency sensor to goahead and weigh as well so lots of sensors paired up badge ability recordeverything handing all study here now in the case ofthe act of two I’m going to use the end of mondo app because that’s really theonly app that allows me to get the full adherence the daven I would have it sowith all that said I’m gonna go ahead and give it started and we’ll cook andI’ll catch up in the park somewhere okay so one rationalize right now for any onethat’s gonna get in the lens on this run that’s gonna get back to life today sosorry if those little flecks on there initial thoughts about a mile intothe ballpark at this degree and it’s not so red-hot like heart rate accuracy it goes insteps so I’ll be sitting there like 132 outstrips per time and then five secondslater remain upturn 148 and then I’ll show it again the same thing the next time I seeit so if you acquaint to you what the recorded data looks likelet the on display data it is very latent now like completely useless butdefinitely not good from a GPS pay standpoint it’s just a roll of diceright now look 658 but for the first two seconds seven and a halfit presents 7:30 so again very late and like the refresh frequency is all rotten wackwhatever ogle again 633 right now actual plaza 720 708 720 so not super ritzy nowif you’re feel this video interesting or useful or anything I ever want tothank you for running out in this crunch happenedI legislated the conditions here is now going made that light-footed going down the bottom therereally assists in the video and the direct quite a bit now where did I runthrough the Rijksmuseum here and the reason we’re doing that is because froman accuracy standpoint this is no different than feeing through a tunnelor under a large highway overpass so I want to see what the GPS does it’scompletely straight shot so there isn’t any lectern here I just lets you connectthe dots between the two sides now most these houses are onlybetween four and six storeys towering so not super big or super tough I don’t expectto have any genuinely tall structures on today’s operated well it’s a good measure on theLeft see how they do he affords the fastens the PPF thesedays this is a distance one as the watches are all kind of insane ball for5. 07 on the polar Vantage 5.25 on the Apple watchyour armor at 5 point one six and these Samsung a four site nine seven sonon-ideal and if you were feeing something like the marathon here in acouple weeks it’s five miles being almost a third of a mile off at thispoint isn’t standard that means you’re talking C times five again basicallyyou’re talking a crap-ton that’s definitely a little of an issue but you canalso be totally wrong on length and right on track doesn’t it look atafterwards it’s time of you a few Sprint’s to assessment at the camera not righthere go down there and they come back and forth my bumpy tempo propose here isgonna be about five to five twenty a mile we’ll see how things go and I’mfour times down from the other threes down there should be about twenty orthirty second long intervals we’ll be over coldnes ice the same face wewon’t be get in the reasonably short high-intensity Sprint’s is that one ofthe common flop phases pop at a heart rate is to walk on a cadence so if youcan’t your heart rate the next-biggest thumping thing in actual your foot soit’s always a great test to see how well controls swift converts a gait likeintervals which most smugglers do at some phase and so that’s kind of why I tendto do those okay now we are finish things up a little bit total distancesfull of answers V 6.8 for miles the Garmin 7.01 the Apple watch seven pointzero eight and ten digit six moment five five miles now a immediate observe on gettingfiles off of this material I’ve written an part berth on how to do this down thedescription they’re super detailed for both iOS as well as Android becausegetting registers off of these watches is a ended mess and particularly the wayit comes out of samsung health okay when I is the beginning at the heart rate side ofthings I’m consuming the DCR analyzer you can check it out in the description downbelow there if you want to create your own makes to compare nonsense back and forthyou can see it right away there took about four and a half approximately fiveminutes for the purposes of the act of two to actually lock my heart rate even though it had aheart rate lock before we left the run it just lost it and then how toreacquire it or whatever the case is that’s pretty bad there’s a ton ofspikes and kind of a ton of wonkiness in general until about 10 hours in or soand then things stabilize for a duet minutes never on the 15 hour differentiate orso all of them kind of got a bit wonky though there are some trends in thereeven if they’re hard to kind of pick out of this I number 1 the Apple watchspiked up at the top because that’s what this serial 5 does these days and thenbelow that you watch the violet in the dark-green cables of the chest belt and thenof the optical heart rate sensor on my upper arm the pullover h1 this is prettydependable so my heart rate was emphatically increasing there I wasprobably doing a little of a increase in pace the Samsung watch really completelybottomed out wholly and it missed that and did some wonky stuff but then it gotback on track and by and large with exception this is one drop right therealbeit a 20 beat per minute drop it pretty good for a gala chunk of this runlike that’s better than the Samsung watches have been in the past and sothat isn’t bad having in mind in comparison to theApple watch this track is horrendous and high rate of the Apple watch is a prettybad way from a heart rate standpoint so yeah it is what it is I will givecredit though for these Sprint’s back here it’s actually jolly darn close allthese watches did a great job by remain exceedingly very close together which surprisedme given the intensity these Sprint’s you can see up to 180 pulsates per minuteand then I kind of cool back up once again to 160 so these are some somewhat hardsprints and it nailed this like here i am I have not yet been real issues with any of theseparticular heartrate schemes from a sprint standpoint so let’s talk GPS accuracy ingeneral you saw the passage you pictured where I rannothing like crazy complex all this was actually pretty easy from a GPSstandpoint so to begin with the things were in the river a little bit therewith that pink move in the canal not horrific still like there are othercases where it was worse for the human rights unit for example here in the parkthe puller was off in the trees and the bushes and the lakes and everything andthe rest of gangs were pretty darn close but all the other watches were within apretty close range though they were perfect like you’ll see I was cuttingthrough houses right there that I shouldn’t have been going through thissection here so that the middle of the building itself see if I can zoom in abit more right there you’ll see that they came that remedy the Pollard end ofcourse and then the Samsung was storied its next degree off the side over herewhich means that it clients for a little and it guessed wrong that’s not a horrendousexample of that but it’s not ideology the spar was obviously is a worse examplethat you can see those Samsung stoops contended disappearing across this section heredidn’t really appears to have good GPS lock and just sort of guesstimated and infact all these sections actually struggled a little bit in this section right herethe Apple went onward and over smoothed it so it examines prettier but it’s notactually any more correct than the othersthe Garmin at 9:45 was also having some skirmishes in her as well going aroundthe stadium no important issue now though the Sprint’s back and forth this iswhere you can see that red line of the Samsung off in the grass where the restof the units are actually quite darn close in that same spot every singletime so from a first workout standpoint I would say it’s kind of like yeah so soit’s mostly the same as the active one and some of my bike commutingworkouts I’ve done the last two days here not workoutby commuting the GPS has been roughly what I’m seeing here as well which iskind of like yeah it’s not immense but it’s not disagreeable it’s like barelyacceptable so there you go a ended ogle material hopefully you obtained thisinteresting or something or whatever the case is if so go ahead and like thatsubscribe button for spate more sports Technology goodness there’s a lot morewearable stuff to come up this twilight as I various kinds of clear through some of thebacklog on things that need to be reviewed and other athletics technologystuff that uh should be arriving on your doorstep your digital doorstep soon havea good one

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