How Art Briles’ resignation at Grambling State connects to Hue Jackson’s possible tax fraud admission

The former Baylor head coach undoubtedly expected backlash, but likely didn’t foresee how his new head coach Hue Jackson would have fueled it.

Who are the youngest players in MLS history? NYCFC’s Maximo Carrizo now tops the list, Freddy Adu in third

Maximo Carrizo has signed a pro contract with NYCFC on his 14th birthday, setting the record for youngest MLS player in the league’s history. He’s not the only one to…

Arsenal announced $144 million in losses for 2021 as COVID-19 makes impact, leads to ticket price increase

The London-based club revealed significant losses on the same day that a rise in ticket prices was announced at the Emirates.

Can MLB players play in Japan or Korea during lockout? Overseas leagues may provide playing option

Players may be looking for somewhere to play if the lockout drags on — could that mean seeing MLB stars overseas?

Why you never dance with devils

The reckoning has finally come for the sports organizations that have played footsie with autocratic nations. And not just FIFA and the International Olympic Committee, but for the Premier League,…

There’s some historic goaltending going on in the NHL right now

The NHL would love for you to believe that Toronto’s 10-7 win/what-have-ya over Detroit on Saturday — and to a much lesser extent the hapless Devils and Hawks hurling themselves…

Jesse Marsch’s hire at Leeds is a major opportunity to change Premier League stereotypes of American coaches

Jesse Marsch is the next standard-bearer for American soccer and American coaches in Europe with the chance to leave a lasting impression — good or bad — with relegation-threatened Leeds…

Raiders, Jaguars to open preseason in Hall of Fame Game

The new NFL year doesn’t begin until March 16, but we now know which two teams will open the 2022 preseason schedule. 

Tennessee mayor Glenn Jacobs, WWE’s Kane, attempts to tweet about Ukraine and fails miserably

Glenn Jacobs sounds like the name of a serious-minded small-town Southern mayor with libertarian sensibilities but a stable worldview. That is until you realize that he spent the last three…

Tigers target rival’s unsettled Test forward

The Sharks' Kiwi international Briton Nikora is the latest player on Wests Tigers' hit list. Nikora, one of the premiership's best line-breaking forwards, comes off contract at the end of…