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(2022 CT Cheerful Field Day) (Valuable lunch time).
It'' s fairy floss We have slushy It'' s 5,000 won each'It ' s 5,000 won each, we take money Can I make a cord transfer? (TAEYONG'' s slushy, approves cable transfer).
Wire transfer, all right (Sipping) Good It'' s really pleasant This is as well great'It ' s our lunch time( Tasty) SUNGCHAN skipped … I skipped morning meal That'' s best He did Guys, take pleasure in( Taking excellent treatment of the more youthful members) We worked out hard, so we'' ll enjoy our lunch It ' s lunch time -DOYOUNG.
– Yes?( Attempting to switch groups).
Let me join Team Blue (Welcome). Come Every person stuffed whatever they wanted Hehehehe (Popular menu at the area day).
Kimchi Jjigae HAECHAN got Kimchi Jjigae I came right to Team Blue as a result of that Is it good, honey? Yes Enjoy, honey I like the sauce Can I attempt one? Aid on your own I want one too Proceed MARK Allow'' s share (Nice next-door neighbors).
Thank you (Yum) I intend to swipe yours Might I? (Hi guys) (I shed my voice).
( Reason for staying quiet) (This is my slushy) (During dodgeball).
I'' m sorry I chewed out you earlier Hehehe (Stealing candy floss) It looks pretty today Is the grape-flavored (slushy) excellent? Yes (Close protection) (YANGYANG'' s point of view) Cheers Look at this (Memory control time.
at the field day) (Keep in mind? We were chatting in the corridor,) (and only I obtained disregarded from school).
Let'' s go So zesty It ' s spicy?('Drinking his head) It'' s not spicy It ' s a bit hot It has a spicy aftertaste( Getting sweet slushy as a treat) Yum XIAOJUN Isn ' t YANGYANG consuming?( Full of spirit) Have you had that slushy? It'' s the carbonated smoosie (? )Smoosie? What ' s smoosie? Hahaha I neglected Is it like smooth and stuff? You'' re so cute They have this in Everland Why is he so charming? He isn'' t that adorable He isn ' t cute in some cases, yet he ' s charming a lot of the time He ' s virtually never ever cute (Bustling TAEIL ' s track )TAEIL did such a terrific work Seriously, I value TAEIL (Oh, please) You'' re the male( Simply caring it).( Giggling )Thanks beforehand Please be excited This feels like a holiday with everybody with each other One day on Might under the warm skies, SHOTARO, YANGYANG, SUNGCHAN, and TAEIL are having lunch with each other I desire candy floss What'' s fairy floss? Candy floss What ' s cotton candy in Japanese.? Wataame Yes I intend to build a house at a location such as this Do you prefer locations such as this over cities? Yes You must such as nature Yes Summer seasons has come (Taking a bite) Yum It'' s good This( poultry) is great, JAEMIN Did you try it? Yes The climate is truly nice This truly feels like an area day It truly seems like college If we win this time around, allow'' s give Korean beef

… To JISUNG'I ' ll give mine to JISUNG as well'I ' ve been wishing to enjoy scary movies What was the scariest motion picture you ever viewed? Gonjiam I saw Gonjiam alone at 4 in the early morning I couldn'' t rest that day Yet Gonjiam actually matches the Korean view Did you see Conjuring? I did Conjuring isn'' t frightening (Trying to make it). Oh, yes( Turning) (It ' s a large candy floss) It ' s also huge (Concentrating on making candy floss). You ' re making it( Working difficult) (Pleasant) (2 treats for area day )I should do that (candy floss) too Who understands exactly how to do this? You need to include sugar Wow So great( People at his age would certainly be amused. by cotton sweet) Like this Thank you Okay SHOTARO What is this in Japanese? Watagashi (Repeating) Watagashi Yes This is it This is enjoyable It'' s the most significant It ' s bigger than I assumed It keeps coming (SHOTARO'' s turn) (Hurrying) So are you all prepared? (End of lunch break).
Did you enjoy your meal? Yes (Balloon).
It flew away It'' s flying away Bye (They state bye to the balloons leaving for freedom).
Bye Successive is the beauty of an area day It'' s time for a talent program (JAEMIN become a pet cat )We are the MCs for the second component,. I'' m DOYOUNG I ' m JAEMIN (Supporting) Inform us what set you are( Oh, that …) We are a set that dislikes HAECHAN (He regrets asking the concern).
That'' s who we are Currently, we are prepared to begin the bonus offer game Right Are you all excited?( The dolphin is additionally delighted).
Yes What is this? Is this the prize? I'' ll discuss the regulations When a tune appears,.
individuals who desire to dance to the track needs to step forward as well as dance It'' s all right if you'put on ' t recognize it You are welcome to freestyle Likewise, not just dance,.
yet applauding will additionally count towards your rating, so see to it to offer an energetic cheer Please demonstrate – Additionally, at the end.
– Program us Show us (The efficiency didn'' t meet the assumptions).
Boo Okay, you will certainly be picking the MVP by ballot (Bonus offer points).
The team keeping that MVP will obtain a point The MVP MBTI? The MVP will obtain a prize Are you curious what it is? (Looter).
A ** shell Max That'' s ideal (It ' s hard to be an MC)(
Successfully spoiled the develop up ). Hehe Cuteness (Today'' s finest reward). A ** shell Max Pro Honestly, that'' s nice( A doggie takes a bite) It'' s rather incredible Really? It really is there TAEIL will certainly be dancing in a while JAEMIN, do you have high expectations.
on any individual? I directly assume it'' s HAECHAN We ' ll expect his'energetic participation That ' s such a nice prize JUNGWOO Yes? Squash it for us I'' ll crush it Squash it You all understand the track “” Work It,”” right? (Good mashup) (That was smooth).
( Laughing) Okay, after that, we'' ll play the songs If you desire to dance to it, please appeared Music, please DOYOUNG JENO (Solid recommendations).
( Space …) If you understand the dancing for this song,.
appeared and also dance He'' s great The blue-hair person, excellent (Heaven hair steals the spotlight) (Concentrated).
So great (JAEHYUN CAMERA) (This is best team dance).
Give some response Make the reaction large (It'' s restrained dance moves.
that makes you shout) (A passionate follower) Thank you I'' ve been cheering difficult Okay, after that, offer us the next song (A refreshing tune fills the air) Does anybody recognize this song? (Increasing as soon as possible).
HAECHAN, allowed'' s go (Below is Baby Shinki) (Fancy footsteps like water)( Ensuring to smile like a pro) (Delighted).
SHOTARO (Babies, you got this) Great This is too helpful for Child Shinki (The one with experience is kicked back) The successful case of early education and learning MARK (The passionate follower increases an argument).
Is it fine to freestyle? That was great (Dancing master) Up until the end (There is Michael Jackson in the United States) (Korea has Fullsun) HAECHAN, wear'' t enter and also maintain standing Give us the following tune( The beats of KWANGYA reverberate in the area) (Leaping) (Cameraman, really feeling the beat) XIAOJUN (Black Mamba takes attention).
Allow'' s go, XIAOJUN( Flaunting appeal )( Dance change) Are you all prepared for the “” digeut”” dance? (Operating) Great (Damaging information: We have a Samoyed.
that does the “” digeut”” dance) (Grinning Angel SHOTARO) Matrix Good Allow'' s do that In this sector, only HAECHAN will come out HAECHAN Go away Let'' s obtain it (Loading)( Taking just 3 seconds) EXO'' s Love Shot Nobody is from our group Good, HAECHAN SUNGCHAN( Loosened up solid professional dancer) (Glimpsing to maintain him in check) (Dancing doggy)( Excellent job) Good When did you practice it? Wow (Beat) (Wow) (Great).
Wow (Offering it away) He crushed that (Panting) (Their love of dance won'' t pass away down)( The summer season has come) (So sweet and fresh) XIAOJUN (It'' s a close suit) Perfect That was amazing (Pretty tiring).
Offer us the next tune (It'' s as well bright) (Ready to head out) Come out (Singing tough on mute).
Samoyed You need to all sing together (Superb teamwork) (Look, this is what dancing is) (Cute) Adorable People, here is the last track Let'' s go (Intend to toss pollen) Please participate (The air of springtime that spreads) (That action attracts everybody) (Swift) Allow'' s go, JUNGWOO JUNGWOO, let ' s go (Their surprise dancing impulse blows up) (Grinning big) (Fascinating)( JUNGWOO ' s big follower) (JUNGWOO turns the area day inverted) (Definitely captivating) (Caring it) (Ending fairy) So currently, that is it for the reward video game, skill program Excellent Wow Okay, then The MVP is It will be fun if somebody else obtains it (surprise) TAEIL (A ** Sheath Max is mine) TAEIL (Explosive support) (Leaving) The MVP is It'' s a battle Street Male Competitor (He doesn'' t want his throne to be swiped) (A suit for making a decision the MVP).
( HAECHAN VS XIAOJUN) (Their eyes change upon hearing the song) (It'' s a battle with dancing pride on the line)( The field gets warmed up) (In Fact, it'' s today ' s centerpiece) (HAECHAN strikes initially).
HAECHAN first Go (Below is his drinking dance) (HAECHAN is excellent) (It'' s so excellent that he journeys) (I'' m the very best professional dancer around) (Completing with a charming provocation) (The opponent isn'' t very easy)(
Really fascinating).'Let ' s go Here ' s music (It ends up being much more extreme)( He relocates with decision) (My body is the dance itself )( Attacking by trembling his butt) (Attracting with an excessive dancing move) (So right into it) (Excellent task) (It'' s difficult, it ' s a tight suit )Okay, after that Both of you at the very same time You ought to dance at the exact same time Provide us a various tune It ' s the battle of big individuals Music, please (Preparing yourself)( It ' s a clash of 2 ENFPs) Wow HAECHAN( Delighted) (He finished up getting on his knees)
( He worked so hard). Okay, after that, we ' ll choose the victor with the joys from the members It ' s hard Okay Make some sound if you think HAECHAN won Yay (Wow) (Thanks) Make some sound if you believe XIAOJUN won Wow (Thank you) It'' s XIAOJUN The winner has been decided The champion is XIAOJUN (Congratulations) (Quickly getting the prize) Okay, after that, that is it for the bonus video game Great task Great task, MCs Okay Currently, we'' ll move right on to the next game The video game'' s name is We require 4 representatives from each team You will strike each other with cushions The group that has all of its members.
gotten rid of will shed Pledge not to strike the face If you struck the face,.
that guy will be gotten rid of instantly Then, choose 4 agents The strong people Should I head out as the container in the team? Allow'' s go, SUNGCHAN, let ' s go JAEHYUN should do it Okay, allow ' s fit It has to be JENO XIAOJUN If DOYOUNG will go, I ' ll go Will DOYOUNG appear?'If RENJUN comes, I ' ll come Individuals you men desire will certainly not'be coming If RENJUN comes, I ' ll go( #Protecting _ RENJUN ). RENJUN won'' t come If RENJUN won ' t come, I won ' t either( Intimidating). Hey Truthfully, put on ' t go easy on them Truthfully, I desire MARK to go Truthfully, MARK, you go MARK should go What concerning HENDERY? I ' m weak You could be more powerful than me Allow ' s go house and also cook Korean beef The 4 representatives, please come ahead If KUN comes, I'' ll come He won'' t come Okay I'indicate It won ' t work given that you ' re as well good You are too People like TAEIL and also DOYOUNG should involve make it much more enjoyable (Giggling) Will TAEIL play?'What? We ' ve made a decision already Rest You'' ll win with no issue Allow'' s relax( Going over method ). Just shove your face( Similar to this) Then, they will certainly lose Don'' t attempt to make them drop Try to press them out Okay, after that, 4 agents, please come ahead (Group White).
( XIAOJUN, JENO, SUNGCHAN, JAEHYUN) Not surprising that Samoyed, oh, my 2 people will certainly go up initial (It will certainly be played 2:2).
2 gamers each Shall we go arbitrary? Should we play rock-paper-scissors? Start with the victor? Play or shed, rock, paper, scissors I believe from the begin, we need the greatest individual to go Will JAEHYUN involve the front? (Dad is bothered with his son).
Does it not matter? (However) where should we make them be up to? Let'' s rest JAEHYUN will appear I will certainly beat him You look actually nervous I beat him in arm fumbling Please show up in order Allow'' s go (No. 1)(
Deceived you). What? Is JAEHYUN not going first?( Revealing off a lot energy) (Team White 2 individuals).
( TAEYONG, MARK) (Group Blue 2 people).
( JENO, XIAOJUN) (The back person'' s weapon). With this, the individual behind'( It ' s too large ). Do I push with this? Bear in mind not to hit the face No face( It ' s like mountaineering) Don'' t struck with that Usage it only to press Don'' t obtain hurt Isn ' t this too long? Is this exactly how you do it? JENO Go sidewards similar to this Make it look and push If you ' re all set, allow ' s begin right away Wow I'' ll support you with this (Risky) (Hitting) XIAOJUN – JENO.
– Press (Both won'' t surrender conveniently) JENO, TAEYONG (Almost hit the face) Don'' t struck the face Can you hit the face or not? You can'' t It ' s fine, just push Save me( The game returns to )Press his body on the side JENO, strike TAEYONG XIAOJUN, just put it on his face Utilize your power, there you go (Attempting hold tight, yet it won'' t job)( XIAOJUN is removed) (MARK is an ace gamer) Excellent job, infant JENO, you obtained this (The Samoyed is determined) Stay with him Allow'' s stick( JENO doesn ' t know what to
do. after MARK ' s punch) (Obtaining intriguing) – MARK is squeezing his teeth.
– JENO, hit from the side This is fairly complex (TAEIL is rather severe).
JENO, just struck him Our team is so great If you grin as you hit, you put on'' t appearance suggest It ' s close Oh, my He is feeling weary Modification the tool (Altering device) (Very harmful) Argh (Securing his rage) (The audience grins).
JENO, the face Simply press him with your hands Press (Reanimated) (That won'' t work) (It was a long fight )( Group White wins the first round) MARK is actually great (Group MARK ' s Buddies) (Time for switching players) (Next person).
YUTA SHOTARO, hold YUTA with that said (from behind) (Group Blue'' s 2 gamers).( SUNGCHAN,'JAEHYUN)( Team White ' s 2 gamers).( YUTA, SHOTARO) This round will be various Before you begin, let ' s exchange glimpses 1, 2, 3 (It'' s a battle with the pride. of the sports leaders in the line) (Good good luck).
SHOTARO (YUTA+ SHOTARO). YUTA-RO( Progressing with a loud cheer) (It ' s intense from the beginning) Press him away You hold on ('Don ' t'strike). I ' m holding on I ' ll hang on YUTA-RO Allow ' s go( JAEHYUN has unstoppable toughness) It ' s more difficult than you assume Don ' t assume that What matters is that will drop (Just making him relax) YUTA, go sideways YUTA, laterally (Effort to counterattack instantly).
Making him lean back won'' t work There you go (I won ' t shed) (Extreme physical battle) (There we go!) (Getting removed) (Doing his best by himself) Okay, next (He attacks without mercy) Wow( This video game ' s score). (Team Blue 1: Group White 1) Why are you so poor? Amongst people that haven'' t gone, we need 2 individuals ahead and have another fight I'' ll go If KUN comes, I'' ll do it JUNGWOO, you need to do it as well I'wear ' t assume I ' ll be efficient it (Jumping) We have 2 people for whom. we'don ' t have high expectations have actually come up to the stage (Optional).
Do you wish to involve the front or back? What? I'' ll go to the front Argh (Giggling) It'' s TAEIL (Going right up) (The following player is YANGYANG) Okay, on the opposing group, we have YANGYANG It ' s JUNGWOO who ate the lower body.
and YANGYANG Why do they look so adorable? (So noisy also before they start) (The master singer won'' t shed) YANGYANG Get hold of that in the meantime Prepared Go! (Pretty aggressive) Great (TAEIL is experiencing) (Swiping the cushion) (Dropping) (Yelling after shedding his cushion).
Offer me back the pillow (It'' s my chance)( Where ' s the pillow?) Get my pillow for me I'' ll pick it up for you Did you master it? TAEIL Don'' t try to beat the younger men Be elder Complete them off Program us what you can do! Establish, go Program them what you obtained (Shoving) (TAEIL was conveniently removed) (Instantly developing into a horror film) (Giggling) (The cushion went away once again) (Currently is the possibility!) Press The best side (Consistent) (He won'' t allowed go of a victim.
when he gets it) (Hardly left) (Save me) You must fight You have to combat in the middle (Rebooting).
Ready, established, go Double kill Come He'' s solid currently DOYOUNG Right now (Breathing) (It'' s an emotional battle).
DOYOUNG I enjoy you – I intend to secure him.
– I enjoy you (DOYOUNG is dismayed) The pillow He'' s mad He ' s terrifying( Out of hand) DOYOUNG, put on'' t shed DOYOUNG, put on'' t be pressed back (Cheat).
Be imply Push him on the side, JUNGWOO Be scheming No demand to be great (Determined …).
Please him JUNGWOO looks really severe (Is this completion?) (Completion of an excellent fight) (Success achieved via perseverance) (JUNGWOO, YANGYANG win) Sugar Ring Candy You shed however that was a great fight (Commemorating victory).
That was excellent You look truly exhausted The victor of this game (Blue 1: White 2).
is Team White (Excited) The existing rating is (Team Blue 2: Group White 2)( Linked).
Is it 2:2? Okay (Group Blue +1).
It'' s from the'skill show Let ' s proceed to the last game Everyone, please strive until the end Here comes the last video game Remain near me like a sticker (Describing the game) It'' s currently time for the final game This game may transform the table, so it'' s truly'amazing Yes, that ' s appropriate Everybody will certainly be playing together We will certainly fold the mat as well as you'' ll win if each
. of your colleagues remain there You can utilize any method you'' d like to remain on the floor covering for 5 secs You require to have a person.
on the back and also things like that Okay, after that, the two teams will certainly start at the very same time Allow'' s begin with the initial stage Allow ' s go Below we come You need to simply come on it( Lots of room). The initial phase appears easy currently That'' s success Let'' s make a circle Allow ' s stand in a
circle- Bring your legs in.- No need to be anxious currently Just hold up like this for 5 secs Make a circle (Let'' s remain together).
Can Be Found In (Snuggling up) Success Both teams have succeeded Come down currently (Proceeding to the phase 2!).
Fold it in half currently Allow'' s make it as huge as feasible Layer it in half Wait a min, you have to be clever regarding it Excellent If you fold it like this, will it make more space? I like that Wouldn'' t we be'caught? It'' s great currently It ' s because it ' s windy( My colleagues are talking nonsense).
I mean Do it best It'' ll obtain hard from the next phase Let'' s do this Don ' t cheat This isn ' t fifty percent That ' s a third Does it need to be fifty percent? (Phase 2). Start( 2 teams still have a lot of space) 4 3 I see feet protruding SHOTARO'' s feet are sticking out currently Oh No (Both teams also pass phase 2) Success We'' re cool (Phase 3, allow'' s get it). Let ' s placed one foot, arms around shoulders Place your foot in addition to the other foot Let ' s put arms around our shoulders 1, 2, 3 Every person, obtain up on there now Argh Set, go I require to be in equilibrium (Group White attempts today as well).
I'' ll increase right here, one, two, 3 (Snuggle up) Begin because'' s sufficient That foot Hold each other Hold each various other Okay We must all tighten It'' ll get hard from the following phase (Passing phase 3 with ease) It'' ll get hard from the following phase Usage one foot from here I'' ll be here with just one foot We have to utilize toughness from currently on Putting arms around shoulders is far better – One foot?
– One foot each time? We'' ll begin counting.
once you inform us you'' re ready Let ' s start with Team White Okay( In the mean time).
Exercise now Okay, after that, put one foot.
in addition to one more foot (Pleasant).
Come more detailed as high as possible Argh – Beware.
– Are you alright? I'' ll check from the back Are you all set? Okay Set, go (Risky) (Doing well).
Great 5 (Group White passes stage 4).
Okay Following stage is mosting likely to be really difficult (Reviewing technique) “” Wolf”” (The tree of life).
The intro Establish, go (The tree of life looks a little bit precarious) Pull (Team Blue also cleared it).
Okay Did we make it? Fold it one more time (It ends up being much harder).
I think Allow'' s make it round('It ' s human Tetris).
You have to step on each various other like prior to Step on my feet Should someone just increase top? Who will face me and hold me? (JUNGWOO) over right here Hold my hand here Allow'' s go Establish go (Crowded) Hold it( Failed in 1 second).
Fallen short (Who was that?).
Where? MARK put his foot down We weren'' t well balanced It was so close Sit down Sit down like a hamburger (Attempting all methods).
4 individuals Can you rest on top? Ready? (Ready to make use of the last method).
Put one foot in Only you two must hold up Obtain on the back Another individual should come (Going) RENJUN needs to get on someone'' s back JAEHYUN and also SUNGCHAN need to pull as much as feasible I believe it'' s possible Ready, established, go 1, 2 (We can do it).
3, 4 Good (They made it through synergy).
Wow (Delighted).
We made it We haven'' t made it prior to anyhow, (Last possibility).
let us try one more time We may deficient anyway (Reenacting the intense minute) (Laughing) We actually can do it Let'' s attempt it this approach Allow'' s hold the hands of person. contrary from you Establish, go (Risky) (Group White stops working once more) (We win) It'' s fine We lost yet it was enjoyable (Finishing in joy).
It was fun It was tough You guys are amazing (Relaxed).
How did you do? So, the overall rating is Group Blue 3: Team White 2 (Team Blue wins) (It'' s a triumph that beams also much better.
with everybody'' s difficult work) Wow It was close Excellent task (to our team) Congratulations to Team Blue,.
allow'' s offer a hand Please give another round of applause Allow'' s provide a round of applause.
of support to Group White also That was an excellent fight (Terrific task) That skill show was great Good work, everyone (Today'' s winner is Team Blue).
Everyone in the winning team (As promised).
will obtain a Korean beef collection (Celebrating) (Meat) Can you consume them all? Envious (Time to present the honor) Take pleasure in TAEIL won'' t consume it, right?I'' ll enjoy it KUN (Privately exchanging glimpses).
See you See you at the dormitory Okay, then, we will relocate on.
to presenting our following award Other awards are Today'' s MVP Award Today ' s Supporting KING Honor and Surpassing Assumptions Honor You have to offer honors to my colleagues (Victor of the skill show).
MVP Award mosts likely to XIAOJUN (Applause) I approve (He obtains the A ** husk Max) Thank you Today'' s Cheering KING Award( Today ' s Cheering KING Award: TAEYONG).
What? Wow (Overwhelmed) He got touched (Uncomfortable).
( DOYOUNG) Why are you making that face? TAEYONG will get (A fruit present set full of vitamin C) That looks so excellent I love fruits (Lastly).
Going beyond Assumptions Award goes to SHOTARO (Great work) (It'' s a cute bear with a little head.
that looks good with SHOTARO) Is this it? Charming It appears like you, SHOTARO Also, the 2 terrific MCs for CT Cheerful Area Day who have actually done such a wonderful task SHOTARO and I will offer them – the Thank You MC Honor.
– Cute (A round of praise to the MCs) MCs, please come MCs I have vitamins These resemble Hermes of vitamins I'' ve been consuming these also They are good (Tempted by the pork).
Pork? I want it Please hold it Am I just holding it? Thanks Terrific job to those.
that sanctuary'' t'got an award Allow ' s give one to JISUNG( Isn ' t it hefty? ). I ' ll hold it for you CT Senior high school trainees.
assembled for the very first time in a long time and also had a great deal of fun Could each of you just how today was? Let'' s begin with Group Blue SUNGCHAN I got Oriental beef I'' m so delighted Team Blue won (Team Blue is the most effective). Yay TAEIL has something to state As always, games are fun (Games are fun when you win – TAEIL).
when you win (The one who pokes fun at the end is the very best).
Yeah (Pleased champion'' s holler) (Team White makes a comment).
HENDERY Every person, live a healthy life (Giggling) You all live health and wellness, alright? You ought to exercise at times You should work out sometimes You require to eat the reduced body up However seriously, this was such terrific timing – That'' s right. – It ' s not too warm In this spring weather condition,.
it'' s so nice to have us all come here as well as enjoy this fresh air It perked up the state of mind for us It was actually enjoyable (That was a tidy and also touching last remark).
Our leader is the very best The MCs did such an excellent job organizing Great, okay, after that Pleased May everybody CT Cheerful Area Day.

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